The Ukraine War 2022! How Developed the Crisis of Invasion?

In Ukraine War, Russia, the USA, and NATO are the stakes holders; Ukraine is a metaphor.

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After the second world war, there was a cold war between Russia and USA allies. Now the cold war turned into a hot war. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has become significant conflict between Europe and Russia. Russian leader Mr. Putin has mobilized the most extensive military troops in Ukraine. Russia wants to convey a message to Europe. So that they do not interfere in his country’s border security.

To start a war is easy, and it is difficult to end the war. One war initiates another war.

“The cause of war is preparing for war.” W.E.B Du Bois

Russia’s war in Ukraine is like that. Russia commenced the war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Let us dive into the ten unsettled facts of the Ukraine war:

1 Conflict between NATO and Russia

If any country attacks a NATO country, the NATO members assume an attack on themselves. And they will resist with collective force against attack. At present, the alliance includes 30 countries. They are influential in economics. Russia wants no more Eastern European countries to enter NATO.

Mr. Putin has called NATO’s expansion a plot to destroy Russia.

The appearance of NATO on Russia’s border points to a massive risk for it. Russia considers it a conflict between NATO and RUSSIA and a threat to its security. The United States of America (USA) and its allies formed NATO to suppress Russia only. NATO makes the United States a superpower because its leadership is in the hands of the USA.

2 Europe-Dominated Vs Russian-Dominated

Some Former Soviet Union countries have become Europe-dominated. And have become members of the European Union. The economic prosperity of Europe-Backed countries continues to grow.

But, the financial situation of the Russian-dominated countries continues has deteriorated. And they are trying to gain trust under Europe’s control. For example, Ukraine wants to be a member of the European Union.

If successful soon, Russia’s influence in Ukraine will diminish. Russia does not want it at all.

No superpower wants that; that’s normal and natural.

3 Distrust Between Europe and Russia

The United States and NATO are conducting all activities to suppress Russia. Russia believes these activities to counter him only. Again, the Western world does not trust Russia for its past Soviet interests. They do not consider the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, as a logical leader.

Putin wants to prolong his power by applying his own created tricks. And he wants to remain in the center of power forever. Distrust causes an unwritten war situation between Europe and Russia.

No constructive thought is valid here.

4 The Lost Glory

Putin believes the Soviet Union collapsed and divided into 14 separate states. In his opinion, previous leaders were not foresight. At least, the critics think that’s what. He wants to stay in power for the rest of his life by establishing himself as a patriotic president in Russia.

He wants to return the lost glory by doing something like that model again in another way.

5 Super Power America

The United States is playing as a side actor and portraying itself as a superpower. America is trying to extend the war to cripple Russia in the financial sector. America and its allies continue to impose economic sanctions against Russia.

They are waiting to see how long Russia will be able to handle the situation in its favor.

6 Superpower Russia

Russia considers itself a superpower and wants to cut potential security threats now. Ukraine wants to join NATO. Putin does not want NATO to come to Russia’s border with Ukraine, and he has warned many times about it.

But Ukraine does not want to command Russia’s voice. So Russia started the war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022; still going on, not ending.

It is not clear where it ends.

7 Warning Message

Russia has tolerated enough earlier because of the economic crisis and weak leadership. It doesn’t want that anymore. It wants to send a warning message to other countries through Ukraine; Russia is no longer the Russia it used to be.

Russia does not wish Europe-backed countries to disrupt Russia’s security.

8 Strategic

Ukraine is the second-largest strategic country in Eastern Europe, bordering Russia. Russia wants Ukraine not to harm Russia’s interests. Because — Russia is dependent on Ukraine for many things.

But the majority of the Ukrainian population wants to be Europe-dominated. The European Union-backed countries have a much better economic situation.

Who does not want his self good!

9 Losing Crimea-Control

Crimea was once part of Russia. Crimea’s annexure with Ukraine during the Soviet era was a lack of foresight. Russian President Vladimir Putin considers Crimea a Russian federal.

Russia’s main navy base lies in disputed Crimea. Without Crimea, the Russian Navy is almost non-existent. So Vladimir Putin does not want to think of Russia without Crimea. If Ukraine joins NATO, it will try to retake Crimea in cooperation with NATO.

The Russian Navy is useless Without Crimea. Without a navy, the identity of military power is meaningless. So, Russia fears losing Crimea Control.

10 Attack on Sovereignty

Ukraine has a right to be part of the Russian pantheon or a European pantheon as a sovereign country. But Russia does not want to accept Ukraine’s right to protect its interest intact. If Ukraine joins Europe, NATO will be a threat to its future security. The security of his country will be at risk. Sovereignty will fall on disruption.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky did not listen to Russia. Ukraine has moved closer to the western world. Its last wish was to become a NATO member too. Russia has tried hard to stop Ukraine’s demands.

But not being able to suppress him, Russia started a war to protect its interests.

Final Words

This war is not between Russia and Ukraine. It is Russia vs. America, the Western world, and Ukraine. The whole world is facing monetary inflation.

The level of risk in this war is very high. Fighting planning with a bit of carelessness can lead to many terrible consequences.

Both sides have nuclear power. No one guarantees that they will not use nuclear weapons.

World leaders should start peace talks immediately to stop the war. The solutions should be in such a way so that both parties consider themselves the winner. The alternative is to start another war.

“If we don’t end war, war will end us.” H.G.Wells



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