The Most Boring Article About Nothing Is Wrong in the World!

The white writing on the red board explains “Warning”
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There is nothing wrong in the world. What is bad in my eyes is pure in the eyes of others. So the mistakes of others may seem quite ridiculous and harmful. In fact, it should not be. The environment and the circumstances forced him to do it that way. That was the decent thing for that time, though it seems today- it was wrong. Everything from microwaves to pacemakers in the world, big and small, started from a mistake. The whole thing remains in your point of view. Any success or failure of the person depends on his random error or unfortunate mistake. In fact, the entire human life depends on the creator’s will, how much he will give me or not.

Mohammad Anwar Sadat

I 💕 to share all the mistakes of my life so that you do not have to step on these same mistakes a second time.