The 3 Beliefs: You Must Concentrate In The Daily Life

Mohammad Anwar Sadat
2 min readApr 9, 2022


Faith reaches you apex but argument brings you down

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You have to have confidence in anything. Lack of trust does not allow people to dream. Life without dreams is a life of stagnation. The range of human knowledge is limited. You may not have enough information to believe a particular thing. So, be careful about judging something.

Would you comment positively? or, Would you comment negatively? Your answer lies in focusing on three central beliefs. Your life is full of joy based on three areas of ideas; otherwise, your whole life is useless.

Let’s dive into three areas of beliefs that make your life meaningful:


Religion is about believing in the God who created the universe. He made us with a specific purpose. Since he is the creator, he is the one who is supposed to give the rules of logic. You don’t know what he knows. You have to follow those logical rules. It is only easy for such a great human civilization to survive if you follow the creator’s rule. Religion is a matter of complete faith.


Man is as big as his thoughts. Whatever he thinks is possible (except for some sensitive issues related to the Almighty God). If you do enough research on what you think, you will be able to see the results of your thoughts today or tomorrow, or later. “Only you can” slogan makes it possible to do what you want. Otherwise, you will sink into the deep sea.


Giving value to Someone’s opinion with caution is — believing in others. In one way or another, dependency is life. In social work, business, and personal transactions, people have no choice but to trust each other. One has to rely on another with caution and a record as far as possible. You need the help of others, and others require assistance from you.


In all cases of life, disbelief does not bring good results. Disbelief in religion is tantamount to contempt for the creator. Lack of self-confidence acts as a barrier to achieving goals. On the other hand, you can’t solve something by distrusting someone step by step. There is no alternative to faith in religion, believe in yourself and keep confidence in others.



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