Good Happens Only by Acknowledging Risks!

Not taking a risk is a gamble

Mohammad Anwar Sadat
5 min readMay 27, 2022


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Our world is full of mystery. But our lives are too short to invent the mystery. You don’t always have the proven information to solve the unknown facts in a short life. But you want to figure out that is uninvented . And you think You are not good enough for that. That is the risk.

You are reading this article now. You don’t know anything until you full-read this content. The reading represents you have taken a chance. This is an example of risk.

You were at peril when you came to earth from your mother’s womb. Nobody knew about your future. It was also a product of luck.

Life commences based on anonymous information. The risk is to cross this unknown.

But most people do not want to take risks. Not taking risks means you are not doing what you should do as a human being. So, your demeanors are abnormal.

Taking risks is a human trait. Human civilization stands on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. After that, the fifth, sixth and continuous will go on.

“Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” – Denis Waitley.

Where human society goes and where it stands is unimaginable. These all will be possible only because of risk-taking.

So there is no way to avoid the risk.

Look around; whoever you think is successful has taken a risk. It is a widespread occurrence.

Great results mean significant risks.

If you don’t accept risks, you will never be able to relish life the way you want.

Then why don’t you want to enjoy life? So are you existing being abnormal?

What is the profit of a risk-taker?

Yes, there are lots of profits.

But remember, it means taking risks is not jumping into the fire without a fire retardant. Not jumping into the water without knowing how to swim.

Where risk means immediate death, we should not invite that risk here.

Here are 9 reasons why it’s essential to take risks and why you should do more.

  • Be great for fulfilling dreams

Ordinary people never want to take risks.

Those who take this risk, at some point, get their hands on what they want. And they are great men.

“Risk leads to greatness.” -Tim Sullivan, ‘The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys’, 2002.

The risks of extraordinary people can be a different type. For example, leaving one’s current job for moral reasons is also a significant risk.

There is no profit in becoming ordinary. Society wants extraordinary people.

  • Welcome new possibilities

Taking risks is important because you always have to accept change. Taking risks means proving that you are always ready to welcome change.

Do what your preferred wants. But you also need to consider the door to new possibilities. The habit of risk-taking will not upset you in any unexpected way.

Living in a safe area will not make you exceptional.

  • Able to adapt to the new situation

Even if there is a significant danger in front of you, it will be beneficial to take the risk. Failure will teach you valuable insights and experiences to overcome future challenges.

Trying to do something new will help you adapt to similar situations in the future.

  • Inactivity will give you any benefit

If you proceed with something, you will get something; no one will give you anything if you don’t do it. Doing nothing is a comfortable method. But it will limit what you want.

For example, if you dream of a new job, make a plan together and follow it. The result is that you may fail or achieve what you want.

But, next time, past mistakes will keep you away from new mistakes.

  • Failure overcomes your fear

Most people are hesitant to do what they want. Fear of failure weakens them. They even have to face ridicule.

Your failure will make you unsuccessful. But the reality is that you can overcome fear by doing what you choose to do with risk.

Taking risks is a powerful way to dispel doubts about what people think of you.

  • Risk never disappoints you

Risk sometimes satisfies your cravings; sometimes, it turns you into a beggar.

According to a study- some people give up a lot of valuable things for a particular task. This type of person is energetic 14 times harder than before.

This energy makes them successful, and the common man benefits from the risk-taker.

Almost no one in the world has been able to enroll in the rich club without taking significant risks.

  • You will be in forward

Those who take risks rely on the highest trust in themselves. They do not have negative thoughts in their minds. As a result, they do not have time to look back.

So pay 100% attention to the work you have taken the risk.

Statistics say you can’t find time to lag behind the task if you pay 100% attention to your dream job. So the success rate is high.

  • Risk satisfies you

When you know what you want in life, you do not need to feel doubt about taking the necessary risks. In this case, whether you achieve it or not, you will get satisfaction.

For example, I left my high-paying job to pursue a career in my personal life, joining a low-paying job. This has caused my rise and fall.

But, I am satisfied. Because I have tried my best.

  • Learning something new

Not every risk will bring positive learning. No matter how much trouble you took calculated risks. No body can guarantee your success. But it gives you a learning and it is worthy. Either it is positive or negative.

“Not learning by doing,

but learning by risking.”

― Toba Beta, ‘Master Of Stupidity’, 2011.

Entrepreneurs or traders gamble, but they set ways earlier to reduce risk as much as possible. Then they take risks for their business.

Entrepreneurs or traders do not leave deals in complete darkness.

  • Final words

It is impossible to know everything at once in such a big world. Again our lives are not very long. Many of us live our lives thinking about what could go wrong. Somebody does not proceed with any task fearing the would-be wrong. Towards the end of the age, we regret it.

Assuming you are in this type of team, you want to be safe. That means you are not willing to take the risk. You are not willing to contribute to knowing the unknown facts of the world’s mysteries. You are unwilling to try your best to live the life you want every day.

Did you know that taking no risk is also a kind of risk? It is like a suicidal death. It denotes you have to carry your own ‘living-dead body’ till the end of the age.

Remember that day you will feel remorse. But then there will be no alternative. ‘No alternative’ proves that there is no valid reason not to take the risk.

Now, would you try to comprehend why you would take a risk? If you wouldn’t not, this is your personal freedom.

Do you think it’s essential to take risks? Share in the comment box below.



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